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Suffolk Wildlife Trust Magazine:

suffolk wildlife trust magazine

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For several years Today Magazines Ltd has been commissioned by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust to act as agents to help produce their magazine for all the members.

Over 24,000 members and supporters of the Trust receive their magazine three times a year - December/January, May and September. Additional copies are also available at the BBC, Anglia TV, RSPB, Libraries, other places of interest, and of course, at all their Reserves.

The editorial covers various aspects of conservation and up-to-date information on the issues that concern the countryside and is printed A4 size in full colour on environmentally friendly paper. As well as caring for their environment, most members are also either home owners and/or professional people and thus have need of your services or products making them an ideal target audience.

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Kelly Nekrews

Tel: 01728 622030

Suffolk Wildlife Trust Magazine